Navigating the Realities of Money

A Conversation with the Rev. Zack Jackson

The Rev. Zack Jackson, Pastor, Open Table UCC in Pottstown, PA, a participant in the Ministers’ Financial Vitality Initiative, shares his financial journey and explores the realities of money and sustaining ministry.

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Financial Tips for Couples

Managing money as a couple can be a challenging endeavor. As clergy, you are often accustomed to looking out for others—now is the time to look out for yourself and your spouse/partner.

Whether you’re just starting your journey together or looking to strengthen your financial bond, here are five tips and tricks to help you build a secure future as partners.

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Winterize Your Mental Health

Taking small actions can stoke your mood and energy, helping you beat the “winter blues.” Read the below Health Advocate article for suggestions.

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Spiritual Decluttering as a Lenten Discipline

Rev. Bruce G. Epperly, PhD

During the Lenten season, the Rev. Bruce Epperly shares about pruning and letting go of those things that can weigh us down or encumber us, so we may discern the difference between the optional and essential in our spiritual journeys.

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Low-cost Ways to Stay Fit During Winter

For many of us, heading outside for a run, walk or bike ride during the cold months of winter is not very appealing. Yet how can we stay active and fit through this chilly season without paying for a pricey gym membership? Luckily, in our ever-connected world, there are an increasing number of ways to fit in fitness in the convenience of your home or with neighbors in your community, all at little to no cost to you.

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