Securing Your Foundation, So You Can Serve Others Well

Rely on the Pensions Boards as your trusted resource

As a UCC minister, you are called to a life of service, devoting yourself to the spiritual and emotional wellbeing of those in your congregation. This selfless commitment, however, can sometimes mean you will have to make financial sacrifices along the way. Changes in your ministry role, unexpected life events, or other personal challenges can impact your financial wellbeing and retirement plans.

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Wisdom from Rabbi Hillel

By Rev. Bruce G. Epperly, Ph.D.

Rabbi Hillel, an older contemporary of Jesus, is known for his wise counsel. Over the years, and especially now as a member of the Medicare generation, Hillel’s words invite me to join self-care and self-affirmation with care and affirmation of others.

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Updating Your Beneficiaries: A Form of Aftercare for Your Loved Ones

Have you ever considered what will happen to your loved ones after you have left this earth? It may be uncomfortable to consider, or perhaps you are so busy you have not had a chance to consider it. In either scenario, if you are reading this article, you have time to implement simple steps that will make you feel better about your ability to protect their future.

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Addressing the Unique Needs of Special Needs Children

Tend to Your Family and Yourself
Thirty-seven years ago, my middle child was born. Early on, it was clear that she had special needs but it wasn’t until kindergarten that she was diagnosed with a form of autism and intellectual disability. At that time, there were fewer resources for persons with special needs than there are now. Since our now-nine-year-old grandson was diagnosed with autism and ADHD, both his health care providers and his teachers have been able to provide him and his parents with a strong support system to enable him to reach his full potential.

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