Caring for the Retirees and Persons Receiving Disability Benefits in the United Church of Christ

Since 1885, the United Church Board for Ministerial Assistance (UCBMA), the philanthropic arm of the Pension Boards, has been offering direct financial support and leadership programs for United Church of Christ clergy, lay church employees and their surviving spouses. Because we know the challenges and often sacrifices that are made while serving in ministry, we seek to relieve worries and financial demands and thereby ensure that persons receive the care of Church in their time of need.

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Emergency Grants
We know that sometimes those who serve the Church encounter urgent situations that require more financial resources than they have available. Consequently, we offer Emergency Grants to active or retired clergy, lay church workers, and Members in Discernment to help meet eligible needs and to ensure they feel the embrace of the Church at this difficult time.

Pension Supplementation
Retirees who qualify receive monthly financial assistance that brings their total household income up to a minimum level established annually.

Health Benefits Supplementation
Retirees who qualify receive a credit to their UCC Medicare Advantage Plan with Rx invoice that lowers premium payments.

Christmas “Thank You” Checks
Retirees who qualify receive a gift at Christmas as a way of saying “thank you” for years of service to the United Church of Christ. These gifts are generally recommended by a Conference Minister or Annuitant Visitor.

Ministerial Assistance Monthly Grants
Retirees and persons on long term disability who qualify receive monthly financial assistance to meet basic living expenses.

Higher Education Scholarships for Children of Disabled or Deceased Ministers
University and seminary scholarships are available for eligible children of disabled or deceased United Church of Christ authorized ministers.

Annuitant Visitor Program (AVP)
AVP seeks to provide an annual visit to over 6,000 retired clergy and their spouses/partners in the United Church of Christ. Annuitant Visitors serve as ambassadors for the Pension Boards’ benefits, communicate appreciation for a lifetime of dedicated service, and offer collegial support.