UCBMA Directors

The United Church Board for Ministerial Assistance, Inc. (UCBMA) has been one of the places that UCC clergy and lay employees have turned to for assistance since 1885. The following Directors carry on that legacy by providing leadership and oversight to the ministries of the UCBMA:

Rev. Elena P. Larssen, Chair, Cleveland Ohio

Marguerite Boslaugh, CFA, FSA, Vice Chair, Hartford, Connecticut

Rev. Dr. Geneva M. Butz, Recording Secretary, Class of 2026, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Rev. Dr. John Dorhauer, Class of 2023, Cleveland, Ohio
Rev. Dr. Rodney Franklin, Class of 2023, Birmingham, Alabama
Rev. Charmaine Penn Johnson, Class of 2024, Atlanta, Georgia
Mr. John B. Kleiman, Class of 2026, Davenport, Florida
Rev. Kenneth Makuakane, Class of 2023, Honolulu, Hawaii
Rev. Leslie Schenk, Chair, Class of 2024, Madison, Wisconsin
Rev. Ann Asper Wilson, Class of 2025, St. Louis, Missouri

Mr. Brian R. Bodager, Ex-Officio, New York, New York
Rev. Dr. James Moos, Ex-Officio, New York, New York
Rev. Krista L. Betz, Ex-Officio, New York, New York
Carolyn M. Weiss, Ex-Officio, New York, New York
Robert J. Wild, Ex-Officio, New York, New York