Enjoy Safe Scanning!

Don’t let cybercriminals rob you of the convenience of using QR codes. Keep yourself secure by following these tips:

Use the built-in QR code scanner in your device’s camera app.
If your device doesn’t have a built-in scanner, only download a trusted third-party scanning app from your device’s official app store.

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Security Hints & Tips: Callback Phishing

What Is Callback Phishing?

Have you ever received an email telling you to call a phone number? Calling a phone number may seem safer than clicking on a link, but that's what makes this tactic so effective. In callback phishing scams, cybercriminals send you an email about something urgent, such as a fraudulent charge or a vital software update. What makes this tactic unique, is that the email includes a phone number that you are prompted to call.

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Practicing Resurrection in the Medicare Years

By Rev. Bruce G. Epperly, Ph.D.

One of my favorite Easter poems is Wendell Berry’s “Manifesto: Mad Farmer Liberation Front,” in which Berry counsels us to “practice resurrection.” Though written when Berry was in his thirties, this speaks to those of us in the Medicare generation, including “retired” or “flexibly employed,” as I describe myself, pastors, and church workers.

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A Maui Recovery Update

Undoubtedly 2023 was a year of extreme weather events across the U.S.

The governor of Hawai’i, Josh Green, stated in a news report that the wildfires were the "worst natural disaster that Hawaii ever faced." He blamed the deadly blazes on a combination of weather conditions, linking them to climate change.

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Cybercrime Happens Way More Than You Think!

Consider the following facts:

The University of Maryland found that there is an average of 2,244 cyberattacks per day, which is one every 36 seconds.

The International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol) reported that small- and medium-sized businesses (SMB) are being targeted at an increased rate.

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For better well-being, define success for yourself

Being successful in a way that makes you feel fulfilled and in tune with your true self may not match your friends’, coworkers’, families, or even society’s definition of success. If you’re feeling stuck and misplaced, it may be time to redefine what success truly means to you. This will help you focus on the right goals that match your values and passions, creating a renewed sense of well-being. Follow these tips:

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