Growing, Learning, Enhancing My Python Skills

By Summer Intern Krishika Jain

Prishika Web

This summer, I got the opportunity to intern at the Pension Boards-United Church of Christ (PBUCC) as an Information Technology (IT) intern. The one thing that drew me to this internship is how the organization operates at the intersection of faith and finance. I enjoyed working here and gained valuable experience that will be useful in my personal and professional life. I would like to thank the Pension Boards for this incredible experience.

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Investment Measures, Metrics, and Strategies

By Summer Intern Madeleine Lessard

Madeleine Lessard Web

This summer, I had the opportunity to intern with the Pension Boards’ Investments team. It was truly an amazing experience, and I was able to learn so much about the organization and what it takes to be successful in investments.

The main project I was assigned to was helping to develop metrics that showed the impact of our new best-in-class Sustainable Balanced Fund on various environmental, social, and governance factors. I did so by analyzing our external investment managers and identifying their key portfolio exposures to different sustainability risks.

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Reflections on the Challenges, Opportunities, and Learnings of the Past Year

An interview with UCBMA Director, the Rev. Elena Larssen

Elena LarsonThe Rev. Elena Larssen became the new Minister for Volunteer Engagement for the United Church of Christ in May 2021, following eight years of service as Senior Minister of First Congregational Church of Long Beach, California. She also serves Vice President of the United Church Board for Ministerial Assistance (UCBMA).

How would you describe your role at the UCMBA?

I have served as a UCBMA director since 2010 and was asked to join the board at the time of the formation of Next Generation Leadership Initiative (NGLI). I’ve been engaged in strategic planning, the capital campaign, extensive leadership development and program evaluation, and have served on the NGLI Steering and Selection Committee. One of the most important projects is being simply true to my place in the church, as one of the relatively small demographic population of clergy in their 40s.

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From the Classroom to the Real World

By Summer Intern Rachel Jacobs

Rachel Jacobs

After a hard and long 2020, the importance of digital marketing and communications has grown exponentially, such as the use of social media to promote and market products like never before. Knowing this, I wanted to gain real-world experience outside the classroom in creating marketing materials, so I applied to the Pension Boards’ Summer Internship Program as a Communications and Marketing Intern with the hopes of doing just that. When I was offered the internship opportunity, I was ecstatic at the idea of expanding my skills and helping such a great organization come up with successful marketing campaigns.

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Adapting to the Modern Financial Environment

By Summer Intern Marco Lima

Marco Lima

A top priority at the Pension Boards since I joined the team as a Finance Intern has been to remain competitive in the industry. I am fortunate to have been able to contribute toward this goal that is helping to orient the Pension Boards toward a successful future.

I have been tasked with two primary objectives: first, to help create the marketing agenda for our newer investment products; and second, to integrate the firm’s investment accounting to a more efficient Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) program.

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The Intersection of Health and Economics

By Summer Intern Olivia Gong

Olivia Gong Web

The United States’ healthcare system is convoluted and complex, always changing and shifting in policies, regulations, and practices. As the world begins to slowly recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, I am continuously reminded of how the past year and a half has impacted all our lives. I am in awe of the medical and technological progressions that have been made but also intrigued by the performance of the stock market. Working as the Health Plans intern at the Pension Boards–United Church of Christ (PBUCC) has allowed me to further enrapture myself in the intersections of healthcare and economics during these uncertain times.

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A Dream Come True

By Summer Intern Aidan Choi

Aidan Choi Web

This summer, I was delighted to accept the offer to serve as an Internal Audit Intern for the Pension Boards' 2021 Summer Internship Program. It was an excellent opportunity to learn about the organization's internal audit function. I have always dreamed about working as a future auditor, and this internship helped me gain real life experience, while also learning the importance of teamwork and working in a caring environment. The Pension Boards allowed me to use the auditing knowledge I gained in school such as understanding the firm and its structure before starting the substantive internal audit procedure.

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2021 Internship Program: Meet Our Interns!

The Pension Boards introduced its Summer Internship Program (SIP) in 2019 with five interns participating in a 10-week onsite program with key departmental leaders. When the pandemic made it necessary to work from home in 2020, a shorter, hybrid internship model was developed in which four interns spent one day a week onsite and worked remotely the remainder of the time. The program has proven to be a fruitful experience—both for the interns and the Pension Boards—as well as a talent pipeline for our organization. Three of our current staff colleagues began their professional careers with us following their internship experiences.

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