Helping UCC Retirees

In the United States, about 10,000 baby boomers reach retirement every day, and some are unprepared. Even though soon-to-be retirees are concerned with rising health care costs and retirement income, many have not planned for a secure retirement or examined the right health plans to meet their new standard of living and care.

Thankfully, Annuitant Visitors, who serve as ambassadors for the Pension Boards’ plans and benefits, offer United Church of Christ (UCC) retirees a listening ear and hands-on support in response to their questions or concerns about their UCC health plans and pensions, and more.

The Rev. Lawrence J. Rezash from Miamisburg, Ohio, has become quite aware of the pressing needs and concerns of retired UCC clergy in his years of faithfully serving the Church. Lawrence served six local UCC churches over the course of his career. He was also a Campus Minister at Carnegie Technical University, Association Minister for Southwest Ohio Association, and Vice President for Conference Relations for the Pension Boards.

He says, “In all these positions, health care issues and retirement income were always the priorities.”

Lawrence, a member of Harmony Creek Church in Kettering, Ohio, served as an Annuitant Visitor for three years. In that time, he says, most UCC retirees he visited understood the Pension Boards’ benefit plans.

A History of Caring

Since 1914, the Pension Boards has been a partner in ministry with those who serve the United Church of Christ. The Pension Boards delivers benefits and services from the intersection of faith and finance, providing clergy, lay employees, and all persons served with the peace of mind that comes through greater financial security and better health.

Annuitant Visitors become an extension of the Pension Boards, making sure that the needs of retired clergy are met, and that they maximize the Pension Boards’ benefit offerings. In this way, they can live the rest of their years with more financial security.

Lawrence shares, “One of my close friends wanted me to find out how he could donate his organs after death. I investigated how he could do that. When I told him about the paperwork he had to complete with a member of his family, he followed through all the right procedures. His goal was accomplished at the time of his death.”

Annuitant Visitors offer more than just paperwork assistance during a life change or decision; they also form close friendships and communicate appreciation for retirees’ lifetimes of dedicated service to the Church. They let retirees know that they are not forgotten and that the Church cares.  

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Photo: Lawrence and his wife Clara of 60 years.

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