Regional Deans

Regional Deans are an integral part of the Annuitant Visitor Program. They are responsible for recruiting, supporting, and evaluating Annuitant Visitors.

If you think you may be interested in serving as an Annuitant Visitor, please contact the Director of Leadership Initiatives at 1.800.642.6543, ext. 2716.


Great Lakes Region

Illinois, Illinois South, Indiana-Kentucky, Michigan, Heartland, and Wisconsin


Middle Atlantic Region

Central Atlantic, New York, Penn Central, Penn Northeast, Pennsylvania Southeast, and Penn West


Northern New England Region

Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont


Southern New England Region

Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island


Southern Region

Florida, South Central, Southeast and Southern


West Central Region

Iowa, Kansas-Oklahoma, Minnesota, Missouri Mid-South, Nebraska, Northern Plains, and South Dakota


Western Region

Northern California-Nevada, Southern California-Nevada, Central Pacific, Hawaii, Montana-North Wyoming, Pacific Northwest, Rocky Mountain, and Southwest