Black History Month: “Join the Movement” and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at the Pension Boards

Cover - 2021 Diversity Equity and Inclusion DEI Report PBUCC

Walter A. Reyes, the Pension Boards’ Chief Human Resources Officer, is serving on the advisory committee of the United Church of Christ’s Join the Movement toward Racial Justice—a campaign to partner with others who are working for the transformation of racism in our world. “The role I will play in Join the Movement,” says Reyes, “is to curate stories of life experiences of diverse people groups here at the Pension Boards and share those across the United Church of Christ as part of our cultural transformation journey.”

As an associated ministry of the United Church of Christ with offices in New York City, the Pension Boards has long boasted a highly diverse and multicultural staff. That diversity is detailed and celebrated in our recent Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion report, which notes: “The Pension Boards works hard to ensure diversity is not just a metric, but that it is embedded in our culture. While most industries—particularly the financial-services industry—and faith-based communities are lacking, by comparison, the Pension Boards is a uniquely multiculturally-rich organization. We are focused on creating a culture that will ensure people of color will have an equal opportunity to be successful and advance within our organization, which is why we focus on representation at each level.”