Long-Term Care

Most of us have someone in our lives – a parent, sibling, or other relative – who has needed care or assistance at some point in their lives. 

The Pension Boards knows that one of the greatest financial and emotional risks you face is the possibility of needing long-term care. The risks and associated costs are simply too great to ignore.

Through the continued partnership between the Pension Boards and ACSIA Partners, Care Support Online, a long-term care planning website, is available to you and your families, and offers:

  • free care advocacy to those in caregiving crisis,
  • free care resources to those seeking caregiving and planning information, and
  • free care planning to those preparing for their future care needs

We encourage you to review this free program at https://pbucc.caresupportonline.com and explore the benefits for yourself and your family. Call us at 1.866.471.4072.

For those who choose to purchase long-term care insurance, ACSIA Partners offers coverage through A+ rated insurance carriers, with discounted rates for active employees under age 65. “Simplified Approval,” a relaxed health screening process, is also available during the first 90 days of initial UCC employment. 

For help in deciding if long-term care insurance is right for you, call a long-term care insurance specialist toll-free at 1.866.471.4072