A Well-Structured, Immersive Internship

By Intern Joshua Boney

 MG 3107 1

The Pension Boards–United Church of Christ (PBUCC) Summer Internship Program far exceeded my expectations. PBUCC began hosting this internship in 2019, but I quickly noticed that our internship experience was very well thought out. The reasons I enjoyed my internship experience include: (1) A well-structured and eventful 10-week summer internship (2) The inclusion of interns into the culture at PBUCC (3) The exceptional experience I have had with the PBUCC Investment team.

I would define the internship as well-structured, immersive, and eventful. From the very beginning, the leadership team provided daily guidance to immerse us into PBUCC’s strategic initiatives and provided opportunities to socialize with the team. Throughout the 10-week internship I was privileged to experience weekly leadership roundtable meetings, where I was introduced to different leaders’ life stories. I gained first-hand experience into the culture they create at PBUCC, as well as the impact of our different lines of businesses. PBUCC also hosted an Employee Engagement Week which showcased why employees love working for the Pension Boards as a long-term career.

The internship structure also enhanced my relationships. The new hire orientation helped me to build strong relationships with other interns. The interns and leadership team would meet weekly to discuss the interns Capstone Project. We were given autonomy for creativity as an individual contributor, and as part of the intern group. PBUCC made it clear from the very beginning that they value all of our professional opinions. PBUCC’s culture showcased a diverse group of individuals that came together holistically to drive the business forward.

The Investment team also provided an exceptional investment experience. They provided a significant amount of creative freedom. They made me feel welcomed and maintained an open office policy throughout the internship. Although the internship was 90% virtual, the investment team provided weekly conversations to provide mentorship on my investment project. This showcased their willingness to help and their expertise as investment professionals. Overall, the team was very welcoming, highly credentialed, and did an excellent job showcasing what it means to work at the intersection of faith and investment finance.

This internship was one of the best experiences that I have encountered. The internship definitely surpassed all expectations, and I would do it again. If not for the well-thought-out internship process, then for the opportunity to work in such a creative, fun environment with truly great employees and interns. I highly recommend this internship going forward to any interested undergraduate or graduate student.