2023 Summer Internship: Allowing Us To Independently Produce Our Visions


By Emma Gun, Marketing and Communications Intern

As the Marketing and Communications Intern for this summer, I have had the opportunity to take part in many interesting and diverse tasks. This internship has allowed me to combine my passions for both film and economics through various projects.

Over the summer, I have been able to strengthen my graphic design skills by creating advertisements and graphics for social media. I really enjoyed getting a request or idea from the marketing team and seeing through their vision, embedding it with my own creativity. I’ve also been able to build on my editing experience by creating video ads and campaigns. It’s a ton of fun having an idea or message that I want to get across and producing a short video that does just that.

It's also been amazing getting to pull from my more analytical and economic interests with the Capstone Project. Not only do I get to work with four other enthusiastic and bright interns, I also get to bring my own expertise to the table and efficiently collaborate. This project has taught me useful team-building skills, understanding what my strengths are, and how to work efficiently in a group. I’ve enjoyed all the research and data collection we’ve had to do, and how supportive the interns and our supervisors are of this project. We were given a very broad Capstone Project, and I have loved seeing the interns creatively produce many different ways to look at the subject matter and present it.

The people at the Pension Boards are incredibly supportive of the interns, constantly encouraging any idea we have and providing useful feedback. Our supervisors and coworkers build on our ideas and give us as much help as they can while still allowing us to independently produce our visions. I would highly recommend this internship as a way to combine your analytical and creative strengths while learning what a supportive and pleasant work environment looks like.