PBUCC Campaign on Climate Change

PBUCC has long placed special emphasis on “sustainability” in an approach to corporate social responsibility. Whether the issue is good governance, worker safety or the environment, companies with a long view toward sustainability not only make for better investments, but also help to bring about a better and safer world. Climate change is one of those serious, urgent issues that call for an intense and comprehensive effort to create sustainable companies and a sustainable world. For those reasons, PBUCC is engaged in a “stepped up” program of corporate engagement and shareholder activism around climate change. This program is outlined in the document, Raising the Bar Climate Strategy. PBUCC, using this paper as one of many resources, is pursuing a number of initiatives to actively address climate change.

For instance:

  • PBUCC has co-filed a shareholder resolution, along with other ecumenical partners, challenging the Conoco-Phillips Company to disclose information about its lobbying efforts regarding active opposition to environmental regulations and regulation of greenhouse gas emissions.
  • PBUCC is a co-signer of letters to all the major fossil fuel companies requesting information about stranded carbon assets which affect the bottom line value of these companies and make them potentially bad risk investments.

If you are an individual investor who wants to get involved in shareholder action on climate change then please take a look at the link below to an exciting new resource called, Investing to Curb Climate Change, put out by The Forum for Sustainable and Responsible Investment or US SIF.

For those that want more information about how effective shareholder activism is in the fight against climate change, please take a look at the report, Investors Achieve Strong Results on Climate Change, Supply Chains, and Water Risks during 2013 Proxy Season, linked below under Shareholder Action

Raising the Bar Climate Strategy

US SIF Guide

Shareholder Action 

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