Advisory Group Meeting Focuses on Developing a Culture of Faith and Finance

The Pension Boards’ Faith and Finance Advisory Group gathered for a two-day meeting October 24-25 in New York to discuss ways the Faith and Finance Initiative can be interpreted and embodied to impact the work and life of the Church and those who serve it.

The meeting resulted in a three-step action plan to help local churches, the wider United Church of Christ, and Pension Boards staff embrace and embody a culture of Faith and Finance in all areas of work and ministry.

The actions items include:

1.     Providing educational resources for local congregations to engage with the Pension Boards on Faith and Finance

2.     Continuing to strengthen a Faith and Finance culture among Pension Boards staff colleagues

3.     Inviting the entire Church to engage in a discussion about Faith and Finance

“Since its formation, the Advisory Group has spent considerable reflective time exploring the meaning of Faith and Finance and the integration of that concept across our work,” said the Rev. Richard Walters, PBUCC's Director of Corporate Social Responsibility. “This week, we’re moving from concept to reality, a bold step in recognition of our Faith and Finance values that integrate with the values of the Church, and the importance of using available resources to do the best kind of ministry that will impact lives.”

About the Faith and Finance Advisory Group

The Pension Boards’ Policy for Faith and Finance, adopted in 2015, called for the formation of the Faith and Finance Advisory Group and was developed as part of the organization’s strategic planning process. The group consists of nine people including a National Officer, and a Conference Minister, and PBUCC Trustees and staff.

The Advisory Group meets twice a year and is scheduled to meet again in February 2018. The group is charged with developing a process for evaluating current and future plans and programs through a lens that integrates the Church’s values and the Pension Boards’ constitutional and covenantal mandates as an Affiliated Ministry of the UCC.  

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