Health Advocate Healthy Stewards Wellness Program

A Well-Being Program with Something for Everyone

Did you know that healthy employees are three times more productive and 90% of employees consider health and wellness offerings when choosing an employer?

“It was therapeutic speaking with a Wellness Coach. I released a few frustrations that were impacting my mental wellbeing and I worked with a health coach to address my lack of self-care. She kept me accountable and I followed through. I have made incremental changes, but I’m satisfied with the progress I have made in just three weeks, including resurrecting a personal writing project that is long overdue.”

Judy, New Jersey

The Health AdvocateSM Wellness Program can help your employees eat better, lose weight, manage stress and tackle so many other health related goals. For employees enrolled in the Non-Medicare Health Plan, they have 24/7 access to online health resources and can seek a personal Wellness Coach for ongoing motivation.

There are many features of the wellness program that will inspire and encourage your employees. Some of those resources include a Personal Health Profile to assess health risks, wellness workshops and programs that employees can do at their pace, and health trackers compatible with a wide range of fitness devices and apps that can be linked to Health AdvocateSM to earn rewards points. Additionally, there are wellness challenges by Health AdvocateSM or employers can create their own fun challenges for their staff.

healthy stewards

Another set of resources offered through the Health AdvocateSM Wellness Program is a comprehensive set of nutritional support tools. There are recipes and meal plans for specific health needs like diabetes, reduced sodium, low or high caloric intake as well as eating preferences like vegan, vegetarian and clean eating. Your employees can even explore kid and budget friendly recipe ideas.

Having healthier and wellness focused employees is beneficial for everyone. Through Health AdvocateSM participation, employees have many health-related resources at their disposal 24/7, and they can earn rewards points for their participation. Employees and their spouses/partners who are enrolled in the Non-Medicare Medical Plan can earn up to $500 (a possible $1,000) by participating in the Health AdvocateSM Healthy Stewards Wellness Program. This is a winning combination for employers and employees alike!

Register or log in today at You can also read the Healthy Stewards 2024 Well-being Rewards Guide to learn more.

Marie Myers, MEd, is Manager, Health Plan Operations at the Penson Boards, responsible for assisting members and employers with health plan questions and concerns. Prior to joining Pension Boards, Marie worked as a Manager of Member Services for United Healthcare. She has over 20 years of experience in health insurance, education, and management and cares deeply about ensuring people have a good understanding of their healthcare coverage and services available.