Creating Meaningful Work at PBUCC

Intern Sheik

By Sheik Floradewan

The pandemic has left a huge mark on the class of 2020. We are among the worst graduating classes­­.

I didn’t have a graduation to celebrate my accomplishments, which is a big milestone as a first-generation college student, and I am entering the workforce amid a recession.

I applied to the Pension Boards-United Church of Christ (PBUCC) as just another internship opportunity without knowing much about the organization before my interview. When I did my research however, what drew me in was how it operates at the intersection of faith and finance. Through my own philosophy of giving back, which aligns with the organization’s vision of giving back to the people of the church, I found a home within PBUCC where I know I am creating meaningful work that will make a difference.

As a marketing and communications intern at PBUCC, I had the chance to bring my ideas to the table and have them heard and even implemented. I was part of the team from the very first day. I had the chance to work on various ad campaigns, manage PBUCC’s social media channels giving my insight into what I think is working and what needs improvement, and work on a capstone project with the other interns. I would say my favorite part in terms of the work I personally did was creating graphics to promote our funds and services, as well as bring awareness to the philanthropic work we do. I also enjoyed working with my fellow interns on our capstone project, which was a collaborative team effort that allowed us to get to know each other and become friends in the process. Aside from the work itself, I really enjoyed being able to go into the office once a week, following CDC guidelines. To see everyone in the office added to the overall experience that would not have been the same if we were fully remote, as you don’t get that personal connection when working virtually.  

My biggest take away has to be the Pension Boards’ emphasis on not only creating a difference in our members’ lives through its double bottom line objective of “doing good for creation and humankind, and doing well with financial performance,” but creating a difference at the organization level by having a safe space for everyone to converse and learn from each other.

This was an incredible experience during very uncertain times, and I am grateful to have been able to be part of PBUCC.