Online Employee Retirement Contribution Agreement Form

Important Instructions Please Read:

If applicable, please verify that your employer participates in the TSA plan. If your employer does not participate in the TSA plan they will need to contact Member Services at 800-642-6543.

1. It is important that you provide a completed copy of this form to your employer, if applicable, so that the appropriate deductions are taken from your paycheck.

2. Your new contribution will start the first of the month for the next available invoice cycle.

3. Make sure the following information is correct:
 a. Your Member ID is formatted correctly – XXXX-XXX (include the dash).
 b. Allocation percentages must total 100% or the form will need to be returned to you for correction.

4. Once you sign and click “Done” you are given the option to receive a copy via email or download a copy. Please select one or the other, retain a copy for your records and give a copy to your employer.

Click on this link to access the online TSA form.