Special Announcement for Connecticut UCC Non-Medicare Plan Participants

As you may be aware, the agreement between Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield and Hartford Healthcare expired on September 30, 2017.

Since then, the failure of the two organizations to come to an agreement has adversely impacted the ability of UCC Health Plan participants to access hospitals, physicians, and other medical professionals within Hartford Healthcare.

Because Hartford Healthcare is no longer a Blue Cross Blue Shield in-network provider, services received by UCC Plan participants through Hartford Healthcare will be reimbursed under the Plan’s out-of-network benefit schedule. Out-of-pocket expenses incurred by Plan participants are higher when services are received from out-of-network providers.

News reports indicate that Anthem BCBS and Hartford Healthcare continue negotiation efforts to reach a mutually-agreeable outcome. Until that occurs, UCC Non-Medicare Plan participants are encouraged to use the in-network benefit described in the Plan benefit schedule by accessing care through the hospitals and providers (click here for List of Alternate Network Providers).

Please note that participants in the UCC Medicare Supplement Plan with Rx are not impacted by the status of these negotiations, as Medicare is their primary insurer, and may continue to access services provided by Hartford Healthcare without interruption.

If you have any questions regarding the benefits available under the UCC Non-Medicare Health Plan, please contact Highmark Member Service at 866.763.9471, or a Pension Boards’ Health Services Representative at 800.642.6543, ext. 2870.