Working the Land

Life, Passion, and Mission: Pension Boards’ Staff
This brief article series shares the personal lives, interests, and sense of mission of Pension Boards’ staff. Read about the interests of the Rev. Jonathan Lee, Director of Church Relations and Operations.


I am responsible for being present to all levels of the church to promote and interpret the Pension Boards’ mission, and to receive feedback that I use to help the organization enhance its service to our members.

Outside of the Pension Boards, I spend time working the land at my family’s home in Vermont—clearing, mowing, planting, harvesting.

JonathanLee workingTheLand

Both my work for the Pension Boards and my passion for an agrarian lifestyle are about encouraging good stewardship: responsibly using the resources entrusted to us for the greatest possible good. At the Pension Boards, that’s about assisting members to optimize their assets toward financial security and holistic wellness; with the land, it’s about utilizing, sustaining, and appreciating creation and ensuring it remains and thrives.

My favorite part about working at the Pension Boards is the diversity that characterizes my work: I work with and serve diverse people around the organization, the church and the county, I have a wide range of tasks and responsibilities, and every day is different.

One thing about my work that I want our members to know: a rapidly changing United Church of Christ, from local congregations to conferences and associations, to denominational structures, adds a dimension of urgency to recognizing, understanding, and taking advantage of all that the Pension Boards offers. Members and potential members need greater exposure to the range of services and programs we offer.

I read fiction and non-fiction, including history and biography. Right now I’m reading Slow Horses by Mick Herron.