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Emergency Grants
Sometimes those who serve the Church need immediate help. Emergency Grants provide one-time assistance for active or retired clergy and lay workers facing unforeseen financial crises.

Supplementation of Small Annuities
Retired clergy and lay employees and their surviving spouses/partners may receive monthly payments to bring total pension income up to a minimum level set annually by authority of General Synod, upon recommendation of the Pension Boards.

Supplementation of Health Premiums for Annuitants
Retired clergy and lay employees and their surviving spouses/partners may receive assistance in paying their UCC Medicare Supplement Plan with Rx premiums.

Christmas “Thank You” Gift Checks
This is a special gift at Christmas time that reminds lower-income UCC retired clergy and lay workers and their surviving spouses/partners that the Church remembers them and is grateful for their service.

Ministerial Assistance Monthly Grants
Clergy, lay employees and their surviving spouses/partners who are retired or on Long-Term Disability may receive a monthly grant to meet reasonable living expenses.

Higher Education Scholarships for Children of Disabled or Deceased Ministers
University and seminary scholarships are available for eligible children of disabled or deceased United Church of Christ authorized ministers.

Annuitant Visitor Program (AVP)
AVP seeks to provide an annual visit to over 6,000 retired clergy and their spouses/partners in the United Church of Christ. Annuitant Visitors serve as ambassadors for the Pension Boards’ benefits, communicate appreciation for a lifetime of dedicated service, and offer collegial support.
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