Q & A

Unlimited access to EY Financial Planning Services® that includes the EY Financial Planner Line (EYFPL) and EY Navigate™, a financial wellness website, is available to all retired members of the Annuity Plan, with both annuitized and non-annuitized accounts, as well as to actively-contributing members.

EY Financial Planner Line® (EYFPL)

A. The EY Financial Planner Line® is an important part of your personal financial planning benefit. With EY, you have unlimited, toll-free access to financial counseling over the phone. EY financial planners will help answer your financial questions and educate you on all of your money-related needs and goals. The EYFPL is offered at no cost to you and there is no limit on the number of calls you can make.

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EY Navigate™

A. EY Navigate™ (formerly EY Financial Planning Center®) is your online resource for financial education and planning. EY Navigate helps you break down complex tasks such as debt management and retirement planning and helps you develop a personalized action plan. The website features:

  • A Tailored and Guided Path: Participants are presented with a set of six simple questions that allow planners to learn about them and their financial concerns and get them started on a tailored and guided experience.
  • Calculators and Data Visualization: Proprietary tools and calculators are embedded within certain goals to enable financial planning exercises to support individual needs at varying life stages.
  • Prescriptive Action Items: Upon creating a financial plan in any one goal, you are assigned a series of next steps, including an estimated “time to complete” and due date.
  • Notifications and Prompts: Using both email communications and app push notifications, you are encouraged to work on new goals, complete open next steps and address any issues with respect to their financial plans.
  • Progress and Tracking: EY Navigate makes it easy for you to stay on budget and builds awareness about their cash flow and spending habits.
  • Regular Checkups: EY Navigate periodically prompts you to complete a “Confidence Checkup” to gauge their financial stress.

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